Awards process

The Sales Leader, in conjunction with the Australian Sales Leadership Awards, has developed a robust awards methodology that recognises sales leadership, innovation, individual and business excellence using key benchmarks and performance indicators.

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Stage One

If you’d like to nominate a business partner, colleague, team or organisation for an Australian Sales Leadership award click here. Nominating is easy and will take less than a minute; nominations across multiple categories can be done on the one form.

Stage Two

Information relating to the submission process will be provided in due course.

Stage Three

Once finalists are announced, individuals and organisations will be contacted directly as well as published on The Sales Leader and The Australian Sales Leadership Awards website.



Stage Four

Submissions will be delivered to a panel of respected industry professionals and business leaders who will assess each submission. Judges will score each submission across a range of criteria.

A number of judges will individually assess each submission for each category, offering a blended score and assessment.

Stage Five

One winner will be announced per award category, with the awards presented at a to be determined date.

For additional details on the methodology and your submissions, please contact our team here.


Our Judges


With a judging panel including industry leaders, business executives and consultants The Australian Sales Leadership Awards is a peer-reviewed recognition of your capabilities in sales.

We’re currently assembling a respected panel of judges who will review and assess all categories based on the methodology outlined above. Full details of our judging panel will be released shortly.

The awards are open to all organisations operating in Australia and will be a coveted accolade for both individuals and businesses seeking to position their sales leadership expertise across the industry.

Nominating is easy and will take less than a minute using the form found here. Nominations across multiple categories can be done on the one form.