Optimising Value From Your CRM

Is your team getting the most out of your customer relationship management (CRM) system? Whilst CRM is considered a staple across the sales industry, there are still many salespeople who don’t use it.

In a recent CSO Insights study, although almost all of the participants said they had a CRM system, 32 per cent of them admitted that their systems are less than three-quarters adopted.

With endless research proving the value of CRM, why aren’t salespeople using it?

The number one reason salespeople are not using CRM, according to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound report, is because it relies on manual data entry. Whilst data in CRM is considered valuable to senior sales managers and executives, data input and record maintenance is considered time consuming and onerous for salespeople who see more value in using that time to sell.


Instead of not using CRM at all, sales teams should consider integrating CRM with a sales enablement tool. This assists with automating processes and streamlining workflows. Here are three ways to drive CRM usage through sales enablement.

  1. Integrate CRM with your mobile sales enablement tool – this will enable your team to access the latest on-brand content produced by marketing, whilst they’re on the road.  Not only will your team have access to customised presentations and content to address specific challenges or goals, but the integration means you can instantly track content used in meetings by attaching notes to the contact record. This reduces the time spent manually entering data later and provides a consistent journey for prospective buyers.

  2. Create a single repository for content and data – this ensures your salespeople can easily prepare, present to prospects and follow up after meetings with full access to exactly what they’ve shared with that prospect so far. Bringing this all together helps with decision-making and next steps based on real data – allowing your sales team to optimise their effectiveness and consistently replicate, or evolve, their sales approach.

  3. Create a data-based measure of effectiveness – in sales it can be difficult to work out which content is more effective in the sales process and which content causes the process to stall. The integration of CRM with a sales enablement tool means your team can access information on what’s working and what’s not – by tying ROI back to the content used during the sales process. 

The integration of your CRM with a sales enablement platform will help increase CRM usage, improve business impact to enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue and growth.